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Mirage Boats are sold exclusively through dealers. All requests for information from retail customers will be forwarded to the dealer nearest them for reply.

Dealers, Repair Services, and Current Owners of Mirage Boats may purchase parts and address warranty issues by e-mail at: or call (253) 246-7126


Welcome to Mirage Boats,
Your Water Sport Boat Specialist

Water Sport Boat Specialists
Your exhilarating water sport fun starts with a quality boat from Mirage Boats, your headquarters for high quality, reasonably priced boats with superior performance. Mirage Boats is a sport boat manufacturer specializing in waterskiing, wakeboarding and performance sport boats.

Superior Performance
Whether you are choosing a water sport tow boat or a performance sport boat, you'll be delighted with the performance you'll get from your Mirage Boats water craft. Smooth handling makes it easy for you and your skiing and wakeboarding friends to perform like a pro behind these boats. Mirage boats will speed you across the water smoothly and easily.

Excellent Value
When you compare Mirage Boats boats to their top of the line competitors you'll find Mirage Boats boats have the same high quality construction at lower prices.

Long Lasting
Quality construction using only composites, fiberglass, and metal means your boat will bring you years of fun and enjoyment and be virtually maintenance free.

All Kinds of Fun
Check out our line of Mirage boats. You'll find the perfect boat to help you enjoy your favorite water sports - from waterskiing, wakeboarding, slaloming, cruising around the lake, fishing and swimming to just relaxing on the water.

irage Boats - your headquarters for high quality boats.Your world of exhilarating water sport excitement!Your world of exhilarating water sport excitement!




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